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mi meal app - food/dish finder

2.15 usd

Know what you'd like to eat, but don't know where to find it? Let mi meal find my meal!! A brilliant, concise food finder/dish finder app locating the outlet serving the meal you're looking for! Mi meal is an interactive smartphone app which allows end users to search for a specific food/dish in a specific location. The end user also has the option to use the meal finder to filter the search according to their dietary requirements and can search vegetarian dishes, vegan dishes, gluten free dishes or all of the dishes on the app. Mi meal is a sophisticated search engine identifying quality dishes in any area of the UK. It is linked to google maps, so you will know exactly how far away the nearest outlet is which is offering the food/dish you're looking for. Menus are uploaded to mi meal, so you can see at a glance what is on offer. Use mi meal as a restaurant finder and browse through the list of outlets serving the food/dish you require and take a look at their full menu to see what other meals they are serving. Call the outlet directly through the app to book your table and link through to their website to find out more about the outlet. What could be more simple? All the information you need in one handy app which saves you time trawling though pages and pages on the internet trying to locate your chosen food/dish! You'll find that if you use the app just once, it will have paid for itself in saved time, fuel and data charges (where applicable). Now you can always go with your first choice rather than your second, third or fourth choice!